Heliogen : Heliostat Components

Heliostat is a concentrating solar thermal system developed by Heliogen for which Rollamo manufactured five components of the assembly and a sub-assembly with those components.

Precision Manufacturing, Aluminum Extrusion and Hard Anodizing

In 2021, Heliogen contracted Rollamo for the manufacturing of four components involving precision machining, aluminum extrusion and hard anodizing. Rollamo team demonstrated their engineering capabilities by accomplishing the following tasks

  • Review component drawings and provide design recommendations for manufacturability
  • Recommend general dimensions and tolerances
  • Develop specialty gauges for inspection
  • Provide weekly project updates

Later, Rollamo was tasked to produce a cold pressed sub-assembly using the machined components for which the team developed an in-house speciality fixture.

Plastic Injection Molding

Heliogen was in urgent need of modifications to one of the components of the Heliostat assembly. While the original supplier provided a timeline of 8 weeks, Rollamo understood the criticality of the project and delivered the following within 1 week

  • Develop soft tools and molds
  • Perform trials and manufacture molds within 3 days
  • Produce and deliver 1200 pieces of the components in 3 days

Customer Satisfaction

Rollamo demonstrated professionalism, maintained high standards for manufacturing as well as service. Rollamo Engineering remains a preferred supplier for Heliogen for sourcing parts from India on its current and future projects.