Jaipur Foot : Prosthesis

Jaipur foot is a veteran international non-profit organization (NPO) committed to the rehabilitation of physically disabled people. In 2018, Rollamo was approached by the NPO for machining a solid plastic knee joint initially designed by Stanford engineers.

During this project, Rollamo team visited the Jaipur Foot facility and realized the opportunity to create a social impact. The team developed a gear motor operated prosthetic arm capable of carrying 15 kg payload to replace the manually operated mechanical one. The improved design was produced at an extremely affordable cost of Rs 2000 for the financially underprivileged masses of India.

Rollamo team developed an improved version with the 3-finger movement using open and close rotary switch. The team standardized the product based on average hand size. This not only eliminated the need for make-to-order prosthesis but also reduced the time required for rehabilitation.