Lucy Electric : Switchgear Products

Lucy Electric is a UK based company which specializes in medium and high voltage switchgear products for secondary power distribution with a manufacturing presence in Gujarat, India. Over the last 10 years, Rollamo has become one of their leading suppliers for critical component manufacturing in India with ~6 million components delivered annually.

In 2013, Rollamo Engineering was contracted for the development of a few jigs and fixtures for Lucy’s in-house manufacturing requirements. With fast-turn-around time and superior service, Rollamo acquired the business for manufacturing components for their VRN2a product line after thorough feasibility checks and vendor validation.

Precision Manufacturing

The precision manufacturing involved turning and milling of 25 components of VRN2a with various stainless steel grades. The project required precise parameters such as diametrical tolerance of 20 microns and surface roughness of 1 Ra. The required critically was ensured through the following steps

  • Acquire certified raw material
  • Verify the critical parameter for raw material before manufacturing
  • Inspect raw material using Ultrasonic Crack Detection Test (UT) and Magnetic Particle Test (MPT)
  • Harden and temper raw material for certain components

Prototype Development

After one and half years of VRN2a production, Lucy Electric worked with Rollamo to manufacture prototypes for a new product - AGIS. Rollamo supported the project with following tasks

  • Review design and provide recommendations to ensure manufacturing feasibility
  • Optimize mold designs by developing 5 family of molds instead of 24 individual molds
  • Ensure quick turnaround time and reduce cost for prototype development

Mass Production of Critical Components

Followed by VRN2a, Rollamo manufactured 40 components using turning and milling processes. Today, Rollamo manufactures 160 different components for Lucy Electric. Rollamo maintains the highest standard for quality and consistency to meet customer requirements.

  • Develop specialty gauges and fixtures for on-line inspection
  • Invest in FARRO portable CMM arm for measuring critical and complex features in-house
  • Deliver pre-dispatch inspection reports and raw material certificates
  • Maintain quality records for component batch traceability

Other Engineering Services

Rollamo provided additional manufacturing support for Lucy Electric’s in-house manufacturing facility

  • Develop specialty fixtures for Robotic Welding
  • Develop multi-component machining fixtures for efficient mass production
  • Leverages its strong supplier network to fulfill periodic spikes in demands