Aimtron : Indoor Air Monitoring System

Indoor air monitoring system is a device for detection of bacteria, allergens and COVID-19 virus. Inspirotec, Inc. partnered with Aimtron for manufacturing the components of this product. Considering Rollamo’s expertise in engineering and execution, Aimtron collaborated with us for this project at the end of 2019.

Manufacturing Overview

We developed process flows for manufacturing thirteen components in the assembly using plastic injection molding technique.

Project Highlights:

  • Reviewed the designs and recommended changes to make them fit for manufacturing
  • Developed molds with the modified design features such as draft angles, slide core and hole corner radius
  • Developed in-house specialty gauges to ensure quality and consistency of tools and components
  • Provided weekly project updates on Gantt Chart to track deliverables


Along with a tight deadline of six months, the onset of COVID-19 and mandatory shut-downs in March-April 2020 resulted in the additional challenges. The team worked round the clock for four months to establish the manufacturing processes, develop tools and submit samples within the requested time.

Understanding the criticality of the project, Rollamo invested in and developed an in-house plastic injection molding facility to guarantee quality, consistency and on-time delivery of the components.