Simplex : Stitching & Cutting Machine

Super Nova is a high speed cutting and stitching machine for the woven sack industry. It is a PLC based CNC machine capable of producing bags with varying dimensions at a high processing speed of up to 50 bags/min. Beginning 2016, the concept-to-manufacturing of this special purpose machine was accomplished by the Rollamo engineering team.

The machine involved the use of 23 sensors, 2 servo drives and 4 variable frequency drives to achieve the desired functionality. The challenging task of synchronizing 36 different operations within the cycle time of ~1.2s was successfully accomplished. Further, add-on features such as dual folding, gussets and micro-perforations were developed to achieve enhanced functionality.

Rollamo team used its experience in mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic domains while developing the machine. Processes such as sheet metal fabrication, precision machining of components, manufacturing of the gear pulley system and welding of the assembly were involved.

Super Nova results in automation of operation in a high-volume woven sack industry. The machine improves the quality and consistency of the bags while reducing manual labor by 10-12.