Sun Precision Cast : Impeller for oil extraction

Sun Precision Cast is a foundry that manufactures components for valves, pumps and other engineering applications using investment casting technique. In 2003, Rollamo developed an innovative solution for manufacturing an impeller for Sun Precision Cast.


The impeller was manufactured as two separate parts, the fins and the top, which were glued to deliver the final component. Until now, the casting couldn’t be manufactured as a single component due to issues faced in the die resulting in undercuts. Rollamo team took up the challenge to manufacture the impeller as a single component and eliminate the glue line.


First, a 3D model was recreated by measuring profile points from a cross section cut. To avoid the issue with the die, Rollamo team applied an innovative solution and developed the core using UREA. The material was used as it can withstand high temperatures of the casting wax and can dissolve when immersed in water. Therefore, the internal cell core was successfully achieved and the impeller was cast as a single piece.

Customer Benefit

The new manufacturing solution developed by Rollamo resulted in improved flow efficiency in the impeller by 35%.